Hyper GOGO Go Kart Kit - Kart for Hoverboard Universal Go Kart Attachment Hoverkart with Vibrating Seat - Suit for Kids and Adults


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Hyper GOGO Go Kart Kit / Universal Go Kart Hoverboard Attachment - Convert Hoverboard to Gokart, Enjoy Gokart Racing ( Hoverboard not including)

Bulit your own gokart with this Hyper GOGO Go kart kit. The universal pedal go kart can connect easily most hoverboards to enjoy Go kart racing. The Go kart hoverboard attachment was designed with an adjustable frame and steering wheel to fit all rides including kids and adults. Good for the kids and peppy enough for adult fun! The best 2020 Christmas Gift.

  • Easy Installation
  • Universal Go kart (The maximum length of the of the hoverboard attachment is 410mm.)
  • Driving Control System
  • Seat belt
  • Shock Absorber with Anti Vibrating Seat
  • Adjustable length & steering wheel
  • Best for kids & Adult

Hyper GOGO Go Kart Kit / Universal Go Kart Hoverboard Attachment - Convert Hoverboard to Gokart, Enjoy Gokart Racing - Overview

Go Kart Kit Features:

  • Easy Installation- Go kart is very easy to install. Lift up the steering column to proper position, install the steering wheel and seat. Now connect Hoverboard / electric scooter using Velcro strap and make sure the hoverboard on/off buttons are outwards. 
  • Universal Go kart- The only Go kart in the market which is compatible with any standard size of hoverboards. The universal go kart can connect easily any brand of hoverboards to enjoy Go kart racing.
  • Driving Control System - Rotating handles for directions, accelerate on the right side of leg, brake on the left side of the leg, Handle on the right hand side for reverse.
  • Shock Absorber with Anti Vibrating Seat- Smooth and comfortable drive with anti vibrating seat. Go kart has a real shock absorber system which can drive it anywhere like indoor and outdoor or on any surface. 
  • Adjustable length & steering wheel - User can adjust Go kart length up to 1300 mm (130cm) to operate leg control system and for their own comfort leg space. Also can adjust the steering wheel height up to 55cm from the ground as per the requirement. 
  • Best for kids & Adult : Go kart can be used by both Kids & Adult. 
Go kart Kit Specification

Brand Hyper GOGO
Supported models Name and model Most models on the market
Size Vehicle size After extension (Max status): 51.2×27.5×19.7 in (1300×700×500 mm);
before extension (Min status): 43×27.5×19.7 in (1100×700×500 mm)

Package size 40.5×28.3×11.4 in (1030×720×290 mm)
Weight Max payload 198 lbs (90 kg)

Net weight 43.7 lbs (19.8 kg)
Driving Height requirement 51-79 in (130-200 cm)

Recommended Age 8+ years old
Machine Parameters Typical Range depends on hoverboard

Steering ratio 1:1

Ground clearance 1.6 in (40 mm)

Maximum slope 15°

Traversable Terrain Hardened road, flat road surface, slopes below 15°
Tires Front tires Tire width: 3 in (80 mm); ; hub diameter: 8 in (230 mm)

Type Solid tire
Brake Braking method mechanical brake

Braking distance 20 ft (6 m)
colors optional red,white,grey
Functions Shock absorber Yes

Acceleration Fast speed up by booster

Package Included: 

  • Go kart Kit Body
  • Back Seat
  • Steering wheel
  • Helmet
  • Eyes Safety Glasses
  • 3 Go kart Stickers - Racing Number 24
  • User Manual
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